Staff Directory

WAC Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jeff Hurd
303-962-4216 [email protected]
Mollie Lehman
Senior Associate Commissioner of Finance and Administration, SWA
303-962-4215 [email protected]
Dave Chaffin
Associate Commissioner of Technology and Conference Services
303-962-4212 [email protected]
Marlon Edge
Assistant Commissioner of Compliance and Governance
303-962-4211 [email protected]
Vicky Eggleston
Assistant Commissioner of Creative Services
303-962-4207 [email protected]
Hope Shuler
Assistant Commissioner of Media Relations
303-962-4213 [email protected]
Eric Danner
Executive Director of Broadcasting
303-962-4203 [email protected]
Kristin Preble
Director of Championships and Marketing
303-962-4204 [email protected]
Chris Thompson
Director of Media Relations
303-962-4206 [email protected]
Matt Pucak
Assistant Director of Championships and Social Media
303-962-4214 [email protected]
Katie Jaskulski
Championships and Compliance Assistant
303-962-4202 [email protected]
Rachel Vigil
On-Air Talent and Broadcasting Coordinator
303-962-4201 [email protected]
Bailey VenJohn
Media Relations Intern
303-962-4205 [email protected]
Denise Bullard
Administrative Assistant
303-962-4208 [email protected]

Van Wagner Sponsorship Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Mark Massari
Vice President of the West Coast
303-799-9221 [email protected]
Ian Bohmann
Marketing Coordinator
303-799-9221 [email protected]

Coordinators of Officials

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Dave Yeast
Bobby Dibler
Men's Basketball
Violet Palmer
Women's Basketball
Paul Scott
Men's and Women's Soccer
Dave Neidlinger
Carlos Rodriguez