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Grand Canyon Wins WAC Academic Excellence Award Again

Grand Canyon Wins WAC Academic Excellence Award Again

DENVER – For the second year in a row, Grand Canyon has earned the 2018-19 WAC Academic Excellence Award.

The award is determined by a point system and presented to the institution that performs the best in the following areas: the average grade-point average (GPA) for each undergraduate student-athlete, the average GPA of each undergraduate student-body compared to the average GPA of an institution's student-athletes and the most recent two-year average of institutional Academic Progress Rate scores.

"GCU is honored to again receive the WAC Academic Excellence Award," Grand Canyon Interim Vice President of Athletics Jamie Boggs said. "This recognition shows our University's commitment to academic excellence and the success of our student-athletes in the classroom. An award like this is a testament to the hard work and efforts of the student-athletes, coaches, administration and the University as a whole."

Grand Canyon was impressive across the board, as the Lopes posted an average GPA of 3.44 across all 21 varsity sports. The student-athlete GPA is 0.35 points higher than the average Grand Canyon undergraduate student. The Lopes also posted an impressive two-year average of APR scores at 990 out of 1000.

2018-19 WAC SAAC
July 3, 2018 2018-19 WAC SAAC